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Muraz Martirosyan

Muraz Martirosyan
Born in 1957 in Armenia in Megri
In 1973 Muraz Martirosyan left College acquired profession of sculptor who specializes in
restoration. In 1981 graduated from P. Terlemezian High Art School. He continued his education
in Yerevan Institute of Art and successfully graduated it in 1987. During his education he took a
parts in republican and union art exhibitions. He won a Third Prize in 1985 when he was taking
part in the Academic All-Union’s student exhibition. In 1988 he became a member of Association of
Young Artists of Armenia. One of his statuary was acquired by the ministry of Culture of Armenia
and the other one was gained by the Union of Artists of Armenia. Many of his sculptures and
paintings are stored in the private collections in different countries.
Since 1992 he has been living and creating in Prague.
1983 Moscow Russia
1985 Leningrad Russia, Moscow Russia, Vilnius Lithuania
1988 Montreal Canada, Berlin Germany
1990 biennale in Ravenna Italy
1995 Essen Germany
1997 Mutterstadt Germany
1998 Berlin Germany, Hale Germany
1999 Berlin Germany
2000 Hale Germany
2001 Prague Czech Republic , Bratislava Slovakia
2002 Prague Czech Republic
2002 Bratislava Slovakia
2004 Bobenheim-Roxheim Germany
2005 Inter art gallery Prague
2007 Ireland art fair with Inter art gallery
2008 Berlin Germany
2009 Hale Germany , Mutterstadt Germany, Lion France
2010 Solo Exhibtion in Germany, Interart gallery Prague ,Czech republic
2011 Group exhibition in Lion,France
2012,2013 Group exhibition in Lion,France

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